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ForwardFIT is a boutique fitness studio located in magical Mangawhai specialising in Woman’s Fitness.


As women we go through many physical changes in our lives from trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, post natal recovery, menopause - the list goes on (all the fun stuff)! Every aspect of this is taken into consideration when you train at ForwardFIT. All our programming is designed specifically with the woman’s body in mind taking into account where you currently are and where you want to be.

The studio is located on a beautiful rural property 5 mins drive from Mangawhai Village. With stunning ocean views and native bush you will never get sick of the view and know that you are always training in complete privacy.

At ForwardFIT we try to make exercise as accessible as possible as we believe it is a vital component of living a healthy happy life.

ForwardFit is all about creating fitness that is fun today and empowers your tomorrow, no matter what life stage you are at.

We believe movement should be fun and make you feel AMAZING in your body!

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