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Oh to be an adventurous Mum….

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

One of those Mum’s that is out there exploring the world with her kids by her side. Hitting the mountain bike tracks with a smile on her dial, in the water giving it a go when they have surfing lessons, playing good old tag and kicking that ball around without a thought in their mind but fun. Having the energy and confidence to not only join in but be a role model that this world is worth exploring and your comfort zone definitely worth extending!

When I was first diagnosed with prolapse my “adventurous mum” ideals where smashed to smitherines….. You can ride a bike…... but shouldn’t stand up and avoid riding up hills….wtf how am I supposed to go for a ride only down hill and flat….?? Surfing is out, running is out, carrying a backpack is out…… shit being the mum you thought you would always be is out…..

I looked down the barrel of being a Mum who had to sit on the sideline dying to join in…. The Mum dying to jump on the soccer field and help but too scared my body would break….. The mum I did not recognise and definitely did not want to be. At the time it was a devastating place. Now I look at it as one of the best gifts I was ever given...

No matter what your “limitation” is I strongly believe we can ALWAYS improve. Our bodies are amazingly adaptable and resilient and evolve as we encourage them to. I knew I would not survive as that Mum, the one desperate to join in but couldn’t, I knew my journey was going to be tough but I was 100% willing to do what it took as I really had no other choice…

The hardest step is that first step - believing that you can - that this is not your permanent reality and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Once you have switched that, “yes I can” switch there is nothing that can stop you! Yes the olympics may be out and running that marathon may not be your best reality but having the confidence in your body to get out and explore the world with your kids is 100% ACHIEVABLE! One day at a time, focus on what you can do not what you can’t and I 100% believe that reality can be yours xx.

Now everytime I get to “adventure” be it with my kids or without it is the best feeling in the world and one I will never ever take for granted again x.

Everybody deserves to be their version of “adventurous mum”.

Lou xx


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