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Which house would you rather live in??

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Think of your Core as the foundations to your house. If you invest the time it takes (this is different for everyone!) to build strong foundations you can then build any house you desire on top. The strength of the foundations all depends on the style of the house you want to build? Think a mansion compared to a cottage. For example running a marathon or competing at crossfit compared to taking the dog for a walk or playing with your kids? All of these choices require strong, adaptable foundations aka Core but some require more investment than others.

I strongly believe no matter how dodgey your foundations feel right now if you are prepared to put the work in you can safely build whatever house you like.

If you rush into building your dream house and kind of skim over the foundations it is highly likely the first storm that comes along you will have broken windows, a leaky roof and dodgy walls. Your mansion can slowly or quickly become a shack… In other words if you skim over the whole core rehab work (yep I admit it can be a little boring… but think long term game) as soon as you load your body with a little more pressure, ie run downhill or a long way, lift heavy weights, skip, jump on the tramp you may experience leaking, prolapse, dodgey knees, sore hips, back niggles, even shoulder pain….

Building foundations may be a little boring and nobody can really see them (hey you, wow you have a kick arse diaphragm and pelvic floor😜) but they are definitely worth the effort!

I may have prolapse and have spent a little time with wrecked foundations living in a shack but can happily say I have definitely progressed to my comfortable little cottage and don’t intend to stop here!

We all deserve to move any way we please! We just need to put the work in to get there 👊🙂


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