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Pelvic floor physio..... woman's health physio....

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

What oh what do these amazing people do? How can they help you? Who should go and see one? I'm the first to admit that up until about three years ago I had no idea what a pelvic floor physio was or that they even existed!

Woman's health physio's or pelvic floor physio's are physio's specialising in the pelvic region (yep physio's for your bits) and good ones are worth their weight in gold.

They can help you with sooo many things from incontinence (yep you do not have to live with it!), pelvic pain, prolapse, overactive muscles, pelvic surgery recovery, weak muscles, sexual discomfort or pain, constipation and the list goes on and on...

Who should go and see one? In my opinion EVERY WOMAN that has had a baby or is suffering any of the above should see a pelvic floor physio at least once in their lifetime. Even if you don't have any of the above issues going and getting an assessment to get your bits 'state of play' and making sure you are flexing correctly is so worthwhile!

Approx 43% of woman do their pelvic floor exercises incorrectly 🤔 don't let this be you!

If you live in Whangarei or Mangawhai we have an amazing pelvic floor physio called Shelley Solomon from Freshstart Physiotherapy. Shelley is not only an awesome physio but also an awesome woman who will make you feel completely comfortable and guaranteed to have you laughing😂.

Be brave, make that appointment - everyone deserves their bits to be the best they can be😜!!


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