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What makes you leap out of bed on your day off??

For me it's a message asking if I want to go on an outdoor adventure.....


To be able to say YES......

To be able to get out there amongst it.....

To be able to explore this beautiful place we get to call home....

Still makes me party in my head!!

It was not that long ago, I used to see people out running or riding and think, "why me"? Why can they get out there and I'm "broken" scared to move?

Not only am I so incredibly grateful those days are gone, I am also insanely grateful they happened.

It may seem weird to be grateful for suffering POP but I am.....

It has made me love movement oh sooooo much more. Love what my body CAN do oh soooo much more.

Four years later and I am literally still buzzing every time I get to say YES!!

POP does not mean you have to give up all the things you love!

It means find the right team.

One that understands your goals and what is important to you.

What light's you up! That matters!!

The research regarding POP and exercise is changing (thank feck for that).

The more we learn the more we understand that movement is your friend if you have POP.

Movement that meets your body where it is at.

Movement that slowly and progressively stresses your system to improve.

Movement that makes you feel strong and confident in your bodies abilities.

Most importantly movement that makes you SMILE!!

If something makes you leap out of bed on your day off, it is definitely worth fighting for



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