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What's your lock down plan.....

Def decision made here .

What's your lockdown plan? Move lots..... Eat lots..... Drink lots.....

Just a gentle reminder that your body will automatically reach for the quickest energy source when you are stressed, the most calorie dense food, aka chocolate, baking, sugar, carbs, alcohol (even if you love lockdown, a nation wide lockdown will highly likely create some stress response....).

This is a totally normal response from your body.... it's responding to the stress by trying to "fuel up".

It is not that your "willpower" has gone out the window all of a sudden! Its your body reacting in a way that has served it well in years gone by aka when "stress" quite often meant food deprivation or survival mode.

No matter what some of the numpty panic buyers think we are not going to run out of food..... even though your body thinks it needs to reach for more calories/energy in these crazy times..... it doesn't.

Be kind with yourself. Understand it is a totally normal reaction to want to reach for the "treat" like food in these weird times!

Before saying f#ck it and demolishing that block of chocolate or bottle of wine, pause (30 secs is usually all you need) and ask yourself, "am I going to feel freaken amazing AFTER I eat/drink this"?

Not while but AFTER?

If yes, then go for it, if no, then be kind to yourself and grab/do something else that will help you feel amazing.

Without a doubt these times are bloody weird and intense! It's not about being "perfect", feck that! It's about pausing long enough to see through the panic and giving your amazing self what will help you feel awesome both now and in the future.

Lou x


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