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Let's get a little personal.....

What kind of relationship do you have with your pelvic floor....

Are you best friends, that do everything together, support each other through thick and thin and even finish each other's sentences?

Or are you like strangers in the toilet line at the pub, on a good night you might strike up a conversation but the rest of the time completely ignore each other?

Or maybe some where in between?

To be honest I used to have a pretty hit and miss relationship with my pelvic floor...

No real idea how strong (or in my case not strong) it was, when it was vulnerable and when it was unstoppable, how it coped with my workouts, my posture, even my toilet habits. This list goes on.... I was clueless.

We were not really friends at all....

It wasn't because I didn't care or didn't think my pelvic floor was important..... It was sincerely because I did not know any different.

Yes, I may have been told in passing after having my boys, "don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises", but apart from that I had know idea.

Never had anyone ever said to me that I needed to respect and understand where my pelvic floor was at, especially when returning to exercise after having a baby. I definitely knew I had to build my strength and fitness again, but I had no real understanding that I needed to do the same with my pelvic floor.....

So this is from me to you, get to know your pelvic floor, it's definitely worth the effort.

If you need any help please shout out. It's my absolute passion helping women return to exercise in way that makes them feel fearless and strong, not nervous and scared!

Lou x


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