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Mum guilt.......

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Mum guilt........... what the - no one warned you that as you get handed a baby you also get handed a whole lot of internal guilt...... you 'work' too much, you don't 'work' enough, you are bubble wrapping your kids, you are not protecting them enough, you let your kids eat that, your kids watch how much tv?? You are going for a work out when you have a million and one other things that need to be done instead.....! Most of the time we lay this guilt on ourselves......

That was me one morning in the school holidays (just to clarify my "babies" are 7 & 8 and the good old mum guilt still exists). My amazing gorgeous life saver of a mum had my boys for two days while I got some work done so of course me being me I worked every hour my eyes would stay awake. One of the mornings I did not set the alarm and let myself sleep in (to the amazing 7.30am - bloody body clock!). Then when I did peel myself out of bed I REALLY REALLY wanted to go and sweat but in my head I was like no no no you slept in, you need to tidy the house and get on with your work while you can.... back in forth in my head - go on your health is important to no get your crap done first......

You know what our crap that needs doing INCLUDES looking after ourselves and our health! Moving or taking some time for your health is something you should prioritize not feel guilty about! Sometimes you need to tell your internal nagging voice to shooosh - you are definitely worth the effort and will be a much better person/mum/wife/partner/friend/human for it!

That 20 mins of internal should I shouldn't I disappeared completely once I started running.....😁😀🏃‍👌👌.

Oh and my mum sent me a photo of my kids looking absolutely miserable without me while I work.......🤔😜 not!

Let the mumma guilt go xx


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